Sundial Foods
Project Title: 
Sundial Wings Branding & Package Design
Creative Director, Brand designer, Copywriter
Sundial Wings brings the whole party together with its delicious taste and texture to rival real chicken wings but it's made from plants!
I had the exciting opportunity of working with Sundial Foods, a plant-based meat company focused on creating sustainable and delicious alternatives to meat. I was tasked with designing the product branding and retail packaging for the launch of their new product, Sundial Wings. I created a product-specific look and voice, complete with a cool mascot and fun swag that helped these vegan wings stand out amongst their competitors as well as align with the overall parent brand.
Early Iterations
Originally, the product was named 'California Wings' to pay homage to its origins, however we later changed the name to 'Sundial Wings' to better unify it with the parent brand. Nevertheless, even early on, I wanted to tie in the bright yellow from the parent brand with fun California-esque illustrations and iconography. On the last slide, there is an early version of "Sunny" the mascot.
Sundial Wings Branding
The final branding features a custom illustration and a bold typeface that is incorporated in the logo.
Sundial Wings Packaging
The package design meshes the eye-catching branding with irresistible food photography.

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